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Reflux Redux

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


A couple of weeks ago when the little man had a cold he was wheezing a little, and I wanted to make sure that it was just a cold, so I made an appointment to take him in.  I also had some concerns about how much he was spitting up after he was eating, so I knew that I wanted to talk to the doctor about possible reflux issues.

However, he was gaining weight, so the doctor thought that it was just that he was overeating.  I knew that we had another appointment just a few weeks later, so I cut the length of his feedings back a little and planned to talk to the other doctor at his two month check-up if things weren’t significantly better.

Cutting back on how long he ate really did help with the spitting up, but it was still pretty obvious that the little guy was in pain after feedings, and he wasn’t sleeping very well (naps or at night).  So, I talked to the pediatrician at his two month appointment, and again, I was told that he was gaining weight, so it wasn’t something they would treat.

You might imagine, I was pretty frustrated. However, being the girl that I am, I dug in and did some more research.  When I was pregnant, I met a wonderful doula through one of my brother’s friends, and I contacted her when I remembered that her office was in a chiropractor’s office.  I asked her if reflux was something that the chiropractor could help with, and she said absolutely and gave us a referral that came with two free visits.  Three appointments later and we are believers.

The tiny, gentle adjustments they are doing him almost feel like nothing (they did them on me first), but after that first appointment, things were so much better.  It was obvious that he felt better, was sleeping better, and was eating better.  That in addition to figuring out what I needed to avoid eating (soda was a big one!), and I am happy to report that things are much better for us.

We still have some rough spots, and for those times, we have figured out that gripe water works much better than mylicon.  We are still elevating after we eat, which I figured out early.  And, we now have a wedge in the crib that makes it a little easier for him to sleep.

But, one of the best tricks is one the chiropractor taught us.  She calls it the Russian Nanny Trick.  This involves holding Cade so his back and neck are completely supported and then flipping him upside down and back up again.  Seemed completely counter-intuitive, but it works!

She explained that people have a reflex that allows us to flip upside down and retain all our food (think jungle gym after dinner).  In babies, this reflex is weak, which can cause trouble.  Flipping them helps strengthen this muscle, and in turn keeps their food down.  So, if you see us flipping our baby upside down, no worries…we know what we are doing!

We also wanted to share what a happy Cade looked (and sounded) like now that we found him!  Please know that you don’t have to watch two minutes of baby noises unless you really want to!

Little Man 2-28-10 from Sandy Anderson on Vimeo.