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All the colors of the rainbow…

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Welcome to our new blog.  What better way to get started with all the fun family stuff to share than paint colors!  Really, everything is going great with the baby.  We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago, but the pictures didn’t really turn out.  The big day to watch for is the 18th of August.  That is the day we will have the fancy ultrasound, and we are likely to find out what we are having.  We are hoping for a healthy baby!  Beyond that, we will just take what we can get.

So, the real family news right now is that Joe and I have an offer in on a house in Woodbridge, VA.  It was an awesome find, although somewhat sad for the previous owners.  On the property, there used to be a 1960s rambler.  A family bought it, tore down the house to the foundation, and then got foreclosed on.  A development company bought the foreclosure and built a spec home.  It is a great house, and we will share pictures when we get things unpacked and organized (will be a few months).  For now, until we close, I am contenting myself with deciding on furniture placement and painting.

There are a few quirky things about the house, and one is the paint.  Right now, the whole house is roughly this color (or a little brighter).
melted butter
And, actually we really like this color.  It is roughly the color of our living room in Kansas.  But, as a whole house, it is a little too much for us.  So, we will probably leave the baby’s room yellow, and we will be painting the rest of the house.  Some rooms right after we close (August 14), but most of it we will work on over time (but, hopefully before the baby gets here).

There are a few colors that we quickly decided on.  Like, this one will be the color of most of the bathrooms.  This decision was really made out of necessity.  This was the color of the kitchen and hallways in the house in KS, and we have three or four gallons of paint left over.  So, we needed to use it somewhere.  It is a great neutral.
cup of cocoa

We also quickly decided on the color that we are going to use on the main floor of the house (this will of course make more sense with more pictures).  We like this because it is a nice alternative to white, but it is still neutral.  Contributes to the cozy cottage look that I typically go for!

Then, as an alternative to too much brown in the house, I thought something soft and blueish would look great in the basement/rec room area.  So, we are going for this great blue.

And, the guest room will likely be another shade of the brown, although I might look for something more fun if I decide we have too much brown already going on.

One of my favorite colors we have already decided on is this purple for the powder room.  As a select few of you know, our master bathroom in our last house was a great purple.  This one is a little different, but no less awesome!

And, this is where the indecision kicks in.  Feel free to chim in if you are interested!  Our first decision to make will be what to paint our master bedroom.  It is a really cool room: big with lots of light.  So, we should be able to get away with a darker color in there, and I think it will look awesome with our white bed frame.  These are the two front runners.  I think I like the darker/grayer of the two, but I don’t know if that is just because I am revolting against all the brown I was drawn to when I was grabbing colors.

And, then there is the question of our bathroom.  One of the other quirks about this house is that it was obviously designed by a boy.  The master bathroom has a black tub, but really cool tile.  So, I wanted to pick up something out of the tile.  I am not sure if I succeeded, but these are the two that we are trying to decide between.  Either way, it can’t stay yellow.

However, perhaps the largest painting dilemma I have is with the greens.  I would really like to paint the family room off the kitchen one shade of green, and I would like to paint the amazingly good deal of a kitchen table I got at this gross little thrift shop the other day another shade of green.  But, there are so many great greens.  Picking out paint colors I realize that I only really like browns, greens, and a few blues.
all my greens

Aren’t they all fabulous!  I am thinking about the top two for the family room/table combo, but I am not sure that I will be able to avoid painting something geranium leaf.  I love it so much! That may actually end up being the guest bedroom, although I do have a great new red duvet cover from Ikea that is red that I couldn’t use in the guest room if I did that!  Oh, the dilemmas.

So, that is what I have been up to lately.  And, I have been forcing Joe to listen to me drone on about all of this.  He is being very patient with me!  I will post more stuff about the baby, etc when we have more to share, but for now, there are likely to be more posts about the house plans.

**Note: Thanks to Nicole Balch from Making it Lovely for giving me the idea to do this.  And, all the colors are Behr paint, which I would argue is the best paint ever!