A day in the life….

Today, I am guest blogging over at The Domestic Wannabe, and I thought that I would share it here too!


Hi there! My name is Sandy Anderson, and you can find me over at my family blog at www.meettheandersons.net or more often at my blog www.hopefullysomethingrhetorical.com.  I am currently working on a second graduate degree in Art History, and I have another MA in English. Right now, I teach online for a local community college, and I am also working from home on some professional instructional design work.Where you can usually find me!

My husband and I have been married for ten years, and he is in the Army. We have one little guy, a boxer-dog, and three orange cats!  My little man, Cade, is ten and a half months old, and he goes to daycare two and half days a week. Today wasn’t one of those days. Welcome to my crazy world!

My little cheese-ball!

3:30 am – Little man woke up and wanted to eat. A quick nurse, and then he was back down for the night.

7:30 – Up for good. We nursed, changed diaper, and got dressed (him not me!).

8:00 – We came downstairs (I don’t bring him downstairs until after 7:30 as a rule. That way I can hope that we learn that just because you wake up early doesn’t mean you get to come down and play.) We played for a few minutes before breakfast.

8:30 – Breakfast was yogurt with oatmeal and mandarin oranges today. Ate everything fast. I ate breakfast while he was in his chair eating. He was eyeballing my food as usual. I haven’t really found anything that the kid won’t eat. After breakfast he played around the family room. He is getting better and better at finding small places to go that I am not interested in letting him. Causes a few disagreements!

9:45 or so – Doing the rub, rub, rub, so I know the little guy is tired. Down for his morning nap. In the sleep sack, which my husband calls the fart sack (it’s an Army thing), nurse, music on, and then down for his nap. Today, he wasn’t feeling it straight off, and I had to go back in. Pacifier and pat, pat, pat, and he was down for good.

10:15 – I did the mad dash to finish some reading for class tomorrow night, wrote the blog post I had due about the reading, and spent a few minutes catching up on blogs and answering emails from students. I also ordered the saw we need to install the new flooring upstairs in our house! It is an awesome saw! I am super excited about it. At the end of all that, I got dressed, and I expected Cade to be awake by then. So instead, I sorted laundry and hung up some clothes.

12:15 – Woke up my sleeping beauty. He was a little fussy when I woke him up, so I nursed him a little. That helped, and he was smiling by the time I brought him downstairs for lunch. Earth’s Best Country Vegetable Chicken Soup for him and a piece of homemade pizza leftover from last night’s dinner (yum!) for me.

A Skeleton with a Heart

12:45 – We are fed, changed, and in the car to run some errands. Target and the grocery store for dinner. While at Target, I found out the formula I supplement bottles with has been recalled. Lovely!

2:00 – We are back home and have all the groceries put away. I check on the reason for the recall – bug pieces in the formula….double lovely!

2:20 – Little man is rubbing away again and generally cranky, so nap #2 is called for. Seems to be the same as nap #1. Needs a little extra help to get to sleep.

3:45 – I realized that the nap wasn’t going to make it today, so I went up and retrieved my little monster. Nothing more frustrating to me than a sleepy baby that won’t sleep.

5:00 – Got dinner started. My mom and my brother and his little girl came over for dinner, so more than normal was in order: spaghetti and meatballs with a Caesar salad and cheesy biscuits. Cade was playing around while I was working, so despite being tired, at least he wasn’t super cranky.

5:30 – Husband, Joe, came home. He took over baby duty, so I could concentrate on dinner.

The Family

6:00 – Company arrived for dinner. We got everyone eating, and we all remarked that it was really cool that the kids were both eating with us at the table now. Cade had green bean casserole and meatballs for dinner along with his first spaghetti noodle, which he really enjoyed.

7:00 – My brother and the hubby went to get more OSB flooring to fix the subfloor in our room and the hallway. This is the last place we have to rip everything out, and we are pretty excited to be done with that part!

7:30 – Little man went to bed. It was way time, considering he had been up since 12:15. Certainly, not the average day for us. He should have had a bath tonight, but instead, we just nursed and went down.

8:30 – Said goodbye to mom, and the rest of the night will be spent reading for class and getting ready for my big presentation this week. Hopefully, bed by midnight or so!


1. What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mother?

How grateful I would be for a shower!  Seriously, I had never given this much thought to how to get clean before becoming a mom.

2. What are some tips you would give to new moms, or soon to be mommas?

Take any help that is offered to you would be the most important one.  And, the second would be, if you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated, you will likely be able to wait a few minutes and get a smile from your little one that you really need.
3. What are your top three baby products?

  • Boppy without a doubt is number one.  It is awesome for a million different things.  
  • A swing.  I tried to start with a travel swing at the start, but never again!  And, I highly recommend one that plugs in.
  • A white-noise machine.  It doesn’t have to be really expensive, but it helps to sooth the little one off to sleep!

2 Responses to A day in the life….

  1. Krista says:

    I love it! You have such a fantastic way of using words to make me feel like I am right there with you! Wish I was! Big hug to everyone for me (especially you!) XO

  2. Mammaw says:

    Man oh man! You are growing up too–o-o fast, Cade. You are just too cute. Can’t wait to squeeze and hold you down and make you giggle. We’ll be there in a couple of weeks. Love ya, cutie.

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