Long Overdue Update

So, life got away from me a little bit.  There have been trips to Maine, Kansas, Michigan and Indiana, and Florida over the last few months since I posted last.  However, that is no excuse!  I will remember from now on to take you all along on the adventure more readily!  Here is a little update of what you have missed with the boy.

First, here is a overview of the first six months with the little man!

First 6 Months

And, here is the little man that we have running (well, low crawling) around our house today!  So many changes over the last seven months.  It sure has been exciting {and a little tiring}!


I am working on getting some videos edited right now, and I hope to have them up soon.  But, I wanted to get something up quick for everybody.  More pictures to come shortly too!

2 Responses to Long Overdue Update

  1. J says:

    Hey Cade, you’re getting big. Glad to see you’ve perfected your smile! I think I recognize that chair… Are you laughing at K&L?

  2. Mammaw says:

    Such a big boy! Love that smile and the boy behind it. Get into everything you can, kid. I will be rootin’ for you. Love and kisses. Mam

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