10 facts about our 8 month old boy

Well, we started our eighth month last week, and this has been a particularly interesting change because in the last month or so he exploded developmentally, rather than just getting bigger.  So much is going on, I thought that a run down would be fun to have later, and you all might be interested too.  So here goes:

Cade @ 8 months

  1. He weighed 18.2lbs and was 27.5 inches long at his last doctor visit.  He is in the 50% for height and weight, and his head is still in the 95%.  I am just grateful that was a development as he got older instead of at birth.
  2. He is now really mobile.  He is low crawling all over the place.  Joe says it is a true tactical low crawl except that his head is too high.  I say that it is the return of the zombie baby (brains, mmmmm, brains!) from when he was a newborn because he looks like he is dragging himself across the floor to eat you.  This mobility technique is effective for him but hard on the laundry.  I have joked (kinda) about sewing a dust mop into the front of his onesies.  Would save a huge amount of time for me!
  3. He still high-centers or straddles himself around every piece of furniture he can find (just like he has been ever since he started moving).  Except now he can release himself most of the time.
  4. He is still just using one sense to determine the world: taste.  Everything goes in the mouth: dogs, papers, power cords.  It has been a slow learning process.
  5. He is now eating a plethora of food too and doing a pretty good job with feeding himself.  He can drink through a straw (which I learned by accidentally giving him some of my iced coffee), and he is working on mastering sippy cups.
  6. He is a well traveled little thing too:  5 airplane rides with Mom (Kansas, Florida, and up to Maine) and 8 (about to be 9) car rides longer than 8 hours (lots to Maine, once to Michigan, and back from Indiana).  He is excited to make his way out to Oklahoma soon too!
  7. His major form of communication is a pterodactyl screech that I swear he learned from his little friend, Lily.  He uses it to tell me that he is having fun, wants something I have, is hungry,  is cold, is tired, or is pissed off.  Needless to say, I hear it a lot.  Not my favorite noise!
  8. He does have a great laugh, and I am learning all the best tickle spots to get it.  That is really my favorite noise!  He  loves to laugh at me, but I am sure that he learned this from Joe. There is a video below to show you what I mean!
  9. He is still at home with me all day, but that will probably change in the next few weeks, as I look for a little something to do on the side and my classes start.  I am looking for the right place for him right now, but since I don’t want full time, it is going to be a little tricky to find something that works for us.
  10. He has no teeth yet, but seems to be working diligently on several all at once.

Cade Laughing from Sandy Anderson on Vimeo.

So, that’s what going on with us.  Hope all is well with all of you!

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  1. melia erin says:

    Oh Sandy – he is just too cute. And that laugh!

    I’m so glad I watched that video this morning because I needed to be smiling to start the day and that did it!

    Glad to hear all is well. 🙂

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