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Well, we had a doctor’s appointment this week because I am neurotic and wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the cold and little cough, etc.  I was also a little worried that Cade might have a little bit of acid reflux going on.

Little Man getting so big

However, when we weighed the little guy, we found out that he wasn’t quite a little as he had been.  He has grown an inch and a half, and he is now 8lbs 8 ozs!  I love that we are getting a little chunk!  And, it turns out that you can overfeed a breast-fed baby because that was likely the cause of some of the reflux type symptoms I was noticing.  Now that we changed our feedings a little, everyone is much happier, and we have much less coming up after each meal.

In other news, it has been a busy few weeks since we last checked in.  We have had some great company, including Miss Lily, my best friend’s newest addition.  Lily is just three and a half months older than Cade, so while it is a big difference now, it will definitely not be in just a little while.  Just look at all the personality this little one exudes already!

Miss Lily

And, we have had a huge amount of snow, including this image of our latest blizzard.  We think we have heard that we got almost 30 inches.  Cade and I decided not to go play in the snow.  We like watching from the nice warm inside!

2010 Blizzard

But, we have been enjoying some family time too!  This is a common scene around our house, as the animals still aren’t sure where this little human has come from or why he seems to be getting so much attention.

typical scene at our house

And, we have also been enjoying some wonderful time with family!

Nana, Cade, and Me

Things are going well in our neck of the woods, and we will check back in soon!  Hope that everyone is safe and warm out there.

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  1. Lily says:

    Hi Cade!
    I’m so glad your Mom let me know how you are doing! It was soooo great to see you , and I had lots of fun playing! Stay warm in the snow, my mom won’t let me play yet either…
    Can’t wait to see you again in a bit. I might be crawling! (My mom’s scared!)
    Love, Lily
    PS-Wanna Be my valentine?
    Check yes() or no()

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